Phortos Consultants: your partner in FAIR

Professional consulting, training and services to help realise the Internet of FAIR Data & Services



It is our vision to help establish the global Internet of FAIR Data & Services (IFDS) as a common environment for data-driven research and innovation around the world.



Phortos Consultants contributes to the development of the Internet of FAIR Data & Services through professional strategic consulting, training and data services.



As one of the founding members of the FAIR Service Provider Consortium, we support the development of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services by providing FAIR consulting, FAIR Training and FAIRification Services.

We are supporting the FAIR Principles and adhere to the GO FAIR recommended Implementation choices. To facilitate coherence and avoid reinventing of wheels we are a member of several GO FAIR Implementation Networks.



Phortos Consultants offers a variety of services ranging from strategic consulting, end user training and services to actively making data FAIR, providing the basis for analytics driven capabilities.