Collaborating to provide FAIR capacity, services and tools

A global consortium covering the full spectrum of FAIR capabilities

The FAIR Service Provider Consortium (FSPC)

Research driven organisations are increasingly starting to appreciate the value of FAIR data. Many public and private market parties have indicated that there is an urgent need for professional FAIR services.

In order to develop the tools, skills and capacity required to meet this growing demand, the GO FAIR Foundation and Phortos Consultants have taken the initiative to form the FAIR Service Provider Consortium (FSPC). To date 10+ companies have joined and agreed to build consulting capacity by training FAIR data stewards and ontologists and (co-)develop professional FAIR tooling. Several partners are in the process of establishing a FAIR Center of Competence.


The partners in the FSPC have committed to adhere to the GO FAIR Rules of Engagement and implement (and co-develop) the FAIR principles and associated services and technology according to the best practices as they are formulated by the GO FAIR Implementation Networks.

The consortium’s aims are to:

  • Enable the development of professional FAIR support capacity in terms of services and tooling
  • Develop tooling preferably as a multi-tenant cloud-based FAIR As A Service (FaaS)
  • Help guide the professionalisation of tools and services
  • Stimulate the adoption of FAIR principles and their implementation
  • Co-develop market opportunities, including licensing, to build or expand services portfolio
  • Develop best practices for FAIR implementations
  • Liaise with public domain parties with unique FAIR expertise
  • Collaborate on skill development, training, positioning and communication

For concrete examples of tooling and services offered by current FSPC partners click here

Benefits of being a FSPC partner

Joining the FSPC provides multiple benefits including:

  • Develop a competitive advantage: there is at present only a limited number of companies that can offer the professional FAIR services that research driven organisations are increasingly asking for.

  • GO FAIR certification: the GO FAIR Foundation is developing and will offer certification for FAIR professionals, tooling and organizations. The consortium is able to help parties in this process.

  • Broker access to scarce FAIR expertise from front line professionals.

  • Stimulate re-use and co-development with existing public sector FAIR initiatives and academic parties.

FAIR is important to Elsevier, and we were a contributor when the FAIR initiative got started. We continue to support the research community in this area, for instance by making article-data relationships available and usable (, standardising data availability statements in articles (the Copdess initiative) and by launching Mendeley Data. We believe it is beneficial to align with others in the FAIR Service Provider consortium to avoid reinventing the wheel and maximise the potential for collaboration “ - Wouter Haak, Elsevier

Joining the FSPC

We expect the following of parties that join the consortium:

  • Agree to the GO FAIR Rules of Engagement
  • Allow permission to add its logo
  • Engage in consortium meetings
  • Contribute to help develop and grow the consortium
  • Share experiences and approaches regarding development of FAIR competence

In a world where every interaction is becoming a digital transaction it becomes critical to organize trust to share data between individuals, companies and institutions. Without the right ecosystem to collaborate, protect and share this data, organisations are faced with exponentially increasing risks. At INNOPAY we see FAIR data as an essential building block to organize this trust and the consortium provides the important capabilities to realize this.
- Douwe Lycklama, INNOPAY

For information or joining the consortium contact us here.

Examples of activities and offerings of current FSPC partners

FAIR tools and services have already been created by FSPC partners. As part of the consortium's, additional (types of) services and tools can be (co)developed or initiated. Also collaboration opportunities based on combining portfolios or (sub)licensing are available.


  • FAIR Readiness Requirements studies
  • FAIR Data Stewardship Planning
  • FAIRification services
  • Semantic and Ontology Modeling
  • FAIR Metadata for Machines workshops
  • Analytics based upon integration of FAIR public and proprietary data
  • FAIR Readiness training courses (off-site or on-site)
  • FAIR Metrics Evaluation
  • FAIR Readiness Implementation and Vision Plan of Approach
  • FAIR Value Events
  • Tooling

  • Co-development of FAIR tooling
  • Data Steward Wizard - Create a FAIR compliant stewardship plan
  • OntoUML - Find and build semantic (meta)data models
  • FAIRifier - Transform (meta)data records into FAIR RDF
  • FAIR Data Point - Make FAIR data accessible and findable
  • FAIR search engine - Find FAIR Data Points
  • FAIR Metrics Evaluator - Determine the level of FAIRness of data sets

Current partners

For more information or if you want to join the consortium, please contact us here.