Phortos Consultants have been involved in the global FAIR movement from the start as co-organisers and
moderaters of the first FAIR conference in 2014 and are co-authors of the seminal Nature paper
The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship


The FAIR Awareness event is a 1 to 2 hour session that provides awareness to a wide internal audience on what FAIR data is, how FAIR data can be implemented and what the impact of FAIR data is.

The event is tailored to the organisation and created with the customer.
A full end to end experience isenabled including pre-event marketing and post event information.

As the event is tailored together with the customer, relevant industry examples and (internal) use cases will play an important role in the event.

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A FAIR value workshop is a hands-on, tailored event to experience the value of FAIR data across all stakeholders within an organisation using actual data. It achieves the following:

  • Make clear what FAIR data is and how this can be applied to an organisation’s data infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate how data can be FAIRified and made available in a cloud FAIR Data Point.
  • Let end users experience the value of FAIR data.

We offer this session in close collaboration with FAIR Solutions, a Phortos Group company focused on the implementation of FAIR infrastructure.

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We have a broad experience with organising many types of events including (mini)conferences, workshops and collaborative engagements.

Especially in the area of FAIR we can help organise events including the sourcing of relevant speakers, trainers or event hosts with a strong FAIR background.

Please contact us if you would like help in organising your FAIR event

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