Phortos Consultants is one of the training pioneers in the
GO FAIR Pioneer Program and fully adheres to the FAIR principles and the published GO FAIR Foundation implementation choices

Self learning online courses

Phortos Consultants, in close collaboration with the GO FAIR foundation, have been organising FAIR training events for many years. This is now available as on-line self-learning modules.
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Tutored on/offline training

All sessions can also be provided in a tutored manner (online or on location) enabling group interaction and discussion.
A tutored session always includes access to the on-line environment. An additional fee is required (see pricing).

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Course hosting services

We provide training hosting services for external parties. FAIR data related content can be made available on our training portal. We can also provide a white-labelled training environment with your own content and branding. We support you in making the content ready for online training purposes.

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Pricing self learning & tutored training

The pricing for the self learning online training is on a
per module per person basis. Depending on the group size, the
price per module is discounted.

For a tutored session, a group size between 10 and 25 people is required with at least two modules being selected. A surcharge of €1000 per module will be applied for preparing, providing and moderating the course.

Number of attendees


Price per module
per person


Attendee Feedback

“The contents was well planned, practical examples made it real - I had an understanding how this works in principle before the course, but this made it concrete and added my understanding a lot!”

"Nice broad overview, and also surprisingly in-depth for selected topics. Good to get concrete hands-on-issues as well, and not just theory.

"Videoconferencing worked surprisingly well for this number of attendants, well mediated!"

"The contents was well planned, practical examples made it real - I had an understanding how this works in principle before the course, but this made it concrete and added to my understanding a lot!"

"Good instructors with high level of knowledge of the field."

"Being online and spread over a few weeks made it possible to see the lectures more times before the next session for things not quite familiar from the start."

"It is very interesting and professionally organised; very qualified and friendly lecturers; very good moderated."

"Latest news on FAIR processes and tools & automation were very welcome. Having both conceptual/principle and hands-on issues is a good approach. Real world motivation cases (e.g. Covid-19 & FAIR-work in VODAN) were good."

"It is a highly relevant topic and the course instructors seem very qualified and come across as engaged in their respective modules."

"The presentation on ontologies was exciting to me and I am hoping to implement ontologies myself in the future."

"Very interesting to hear the FAIR principles explained by you who were part of the team that phrased them! Thanks for your patience with all our questions
looking forward to day 4 and 5."

"Excellent slides & framing of the FAIR principles. Even though I had a good understanding of the FAIR principles before participating in this course, I learnt quite some new things - thank you so much! Also, thank you so much for engaging with all of our questions"

"Slides are extremely well put together - trough them for myself once more now, I am actually able to follow the "train of thought" (which I did not expect to be honest). "

"I really loved the block on metadata. But also the blocks on data modelling & querying were really relevant. The course really deepened my understanding of the FAIR principles :-)"


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